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Build: Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce Migration
Design & Development


After building a custom B2B storefront for their successful wholesale business, there was a huge opportunity to take the brand directly to consumers, launching Hell Bunny’s retail presence with a D2C site. Hell Bunny were confident that with our unique retail experience, we could use our expertise to grow their D2C brand, managing all aspects of the retail operation aside from the physical picking and packing of customer orders. Our all-in Growth solution enables the client to focus on their wholesale business whilst we continue to successfully manage their retail brand. Over the last 5 years, Hell Bunny has seen consistent YoY growth and are currently tracking a 100% increase in revenue with targets set on an 8-figure turnover.

Build: Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce Migration

With support for Magento 1 ending, we migrated Hell Bunny’s Magento 1 store to Adobe Commerce. Adobe Commerce is designed for impressive scalability, offering powerful out-of-the box functionality and a seamless, omnichannel customer experience. With consistent YoY revenue growth, there was no question that Hell Bunny needed an upgrade to a world-class ecommerce system, a platform with the ability to grow with the brand. The Adobe Commerce backend is more user-friendly with time-saving features such as Page Builder, Visual Merchandiser, Smart Categories and Content Scheduler that can be utilised by non-technical teams. With the majority of traffic coming from mobile, Hell Bunny also needed a mobile-friendly interface. The redeveloped platform improves the functionality and performance of storefronts on mobile devices. With plenty of experience seamlessly upgrading Magento stores, Jellywall were able to smoothly migrate Hell Bunny’s Magento 1 store to Adobe Commerce with no storefront downtime.

Along with the technical migration, the Hell Bunny site needed a complete redesign. The look and feel of the site had become dated and was no longer reflective of the brand’s story. Over the last few years as a result of our Digital Marketing efforts to reach new audiences, the Hell Bunny audience has shifted to include a larger proportion of young people so a clean, simple and modern design was introduced to cater to all Hell Bunny customers. New fonts, button styles and a total revamp of the layout helped bring the site up to date visually as well as contributing to the enhancement of the customer experience. 

We also took the opportunity to work on the overall usability of the site, various rounds of design, prototyping and testing resulted in a seamless user experience that focused on all aspects of the customer journey. We completely reworked the mobile navigation so that it is now an effortless process for the user to find exactly what they are looking for on the site. We also introduced a completely custom account area and checkout flow that provides a personalised experience for the customer. This approach increases customer retention and maximises customer lifetime value.

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Grow: Consistent YoY Revenue Growth

Over the last 5 years, we have worked closely with Hell Bunny. We are considered an extension of their team and have become an integral part of the business’ success. Hell Bunny are currently benefiting from our all-in Build & Grow package. Alongside the Build, our ongoing Growth services ensure we continue to add value after the delivery of a new ecommerce store. Crafted from two decades of real world retail experience, our Growth packages focus around 5 key areas: Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Site Management, Development and Tech Support. 

Our Consultancy service covers all areas of the retail operation as well as incorporating B2B activity. We work collaboratively with Hell Bunny’s in-house team on a weekly basis to set goals and define strategies for growth. We not only focus on accomplishing the business’ current commercial goals, but are always looking for opportunities for future growth. Our Digital Marketing services go hand in hand with our Consultancy service. Not only do we run Hell Bunny’s social accounts - posting content across social channels and engaging directly with customers - we also plan integrated, omnichannel marketing campaigns that match the goals of the wider business. We currently run and manage the Hell Bunny site, taking care of the day-to-day time-consuming tasks like Product Publishing and Merchandising so that Hell Bunny can focus on their wholesale business. Through our Development and Tech Support services, we constantly look for ways to improve the Hell Bunny store. From day-to-day reactive technical support to Adobe platform upgrades and regular UX/UI reviews, our work ensures that the Hell Bunny site not only competes but exceeds its competitors.

By implementing our consultancy-led, fully managed solution, Hell Bunny has seen consistent YoY revenue growth with an increase in traffic, conversions and customer retention as well as achieving international expansion, enabling the business to trade globally. In just under 2 years, we have seen rapid growth in Hell Bunny’s social media following with impressions increasing from 3.5 million to 7 million.

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