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Base London, a UK-based fashion footwear brand renowned for its bold history of men's shoes and boots, for its next stage of growth wanted to transform their ecommerce presence. Seeking to enhance the customer experience and streamline their e-commerce operations, Base London made the decision to migrate from Magento to Shopify.

Jellywall was entrusted with the task of migrating Base London's online store from Adobe Commerce to Shopify. The decision to migrate stemmed from several factors:

  1. Cost:
  2. Flexibility
  3. Ease of Use

Having worked with Magento for several years and being an adobe partner Jellywall had lots of experience with the Magento platform and data structure, understanding the challenges they needed to overcome in order to migrate seamlessly. Some of the Challenges were:

Data Migration

Transferring a vast amount of data from multiple storefronts to a consolidated Shopify store required meticulous planning and execution. The team ensured a comprehensive migration strategy, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.


While transitioning to Shopify, Base London had to let go of some customizations from their Adobe Commerce platform. Jellywall were able to help them audit functionality and improve the tech stack.


Jellywall collaborated with the third party systems such a Redrose FAM to allow seamless integration and proper functioning of the various systems. Additionally, the integration with Global-e, aimed at providing an optimal experience for international customers, required careful coordination and consideration.

Build: Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce Migration

Jellywall worked closely with Base London to develop tailored solutions for a successful migration:

Migration of Data

The team ensured a seamless transfer of data from Magento to Shopify. Migrating Order & Customer data, Product data & Static content. Rigorous testing and validation were conducted to guarantee accuracy and completeness with the consideration of SEO where necessary.

Transparent Communication

Jellywall maintained regular communication with Base London, providing weekly progress updates and keeping them informed about the project's development. This ensured a collaborative approach throughout the migration process.

Redesigned Website

To align with Base London's new branding, Jellywall redesigned the website, improving its aesthetics and enhancing the overall user experience. The new design was implemented on the Shopify platform, delivering a fresh and modern look and improving the customer Journey.

App Integration and Custom Development

To replicate key functionalities from Magento, Jellywall leveraged various apps and plugins available in the Shopify ecosystem. Additionally, they provided custom development integration these apps to address any unique requirements Base London had. Always keeping speed and performance at the forefront of the project.

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Grow: Supporting Base London with Ecommerce Growth

The successful migration from Magento to Shopify resulted in significant improvements for Base London:

  1. Website Performance: The new Shopify website demonstrated enhanced performance, ensuring faster loading times and improved responsiveness.
  2. Increased Sales: Base London experienced a notable increase in online sales following the migration. The improved user experience and streamlined checkout process on the new site contributed to this positive outcome and conversion rate rose almost 30%.
  3. Positive User Experience: Customers feedback on the new website's design and user-friendly interface was positive, resulting in improved engagement and positive feedback.

Base London now have a website that they can really grow with, they have reduced overall costs and now work with Jellywall to optimise further and implement additional features , supporting business growth rather than technical costs.

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