What makes a good email template?

Make sure your emails convert by using these 5 key elements in your email marketing templates.

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Why is email design important?

With the average person receiving over 100 emails to their inbox every single day and the majority of fashion brands using email marketing to communicate with their customers, it’s vital that your brand’s emails stand out in a crowded inbox. 

Wondering how to create engaging email marketing templates? Keep reading to find out the 5 key elements of a good email marketing template. 

The 5 Key Elements of a Good Email Marketing Template


The first thing your customer will see when opening your email is the header (the top portion of your email). Your header should include your brand logo and it should be prominent, replicate the positioning of your logo on your website and be a high-quality image. Make sure to use your brand logo consistently across your email marketing to reinforce brand identity on every send. 

Tip: Don’t forget that many of your customers may have their mobile phones in dark mode. If your brand logo is dark (black, grey, blue etc.) you might want to add a white outline for readability. 

Another important element of an email header is the navigation bar. Again, your navigation bar should reflect the navigation bar on your website for consistency. It’s a chance for you to direct your customers back to your website so it’s best practice to link to some of the most popular areas on your site. Use a maximum of four sections to make sure the navigation bar looks clean. Some ideas of what to link to are:

  • New in
  • Sale
  • Blog
  • Specific product category relating to the email content - If pushing dresses link to your Dresses category, if pushing accessories link to your Accessories category etc.


Up next is your visuals! Surely the most fun part of any email template, right? You’ll want to include a main graphic which tells your customers exactly what your email is all about. You’ll also want to showcase the specific products you’re pushing, this could be through product images from your website or fun GIFs and illustrations. Often forgotten, but you’ll also want to consider your email background. If your website has a more minimal and clean design, go for a plain background that matches your brand colours. If your website uses bright colours and fun icons, opt for a more bold email background (just make sure it doesn’t clash with the other content in your email). 


Tip: Don’t forget to use alt text for all of your images and make sure to optimise your visuals for mobile users. 



As well as the products/marketing message you’re pushing, it’s important to include other useful information in your email templates that is likely to encourage your customers to purchase. Try including the same USPs (unique selling propositions) you use on your website such as:

  • Delivery information: Do you offer fast or free shipping?
  • Payment options: Do you give your customers the option to pay in instalments with buy now pay later services like Klarna?
  • Reward Programmes: Do you offer incentives for repeat purchases with loyalty programmes?


Social Links

Don’t forget that your marketing emails aren’t always about hardcore selling. It’s also important to include other information to nurture your customers like links to your social accounts if they aren’t ready to purchase just yet. 


Tip: As well as using social links, why not try integrating your emails with your Instagram feed using Foursixty to show your customers more engaging user generated content. 




Last but not least is your footer (the bottom portion of your email). It’s crucial that every marketing email includes an unsubscribe link for subscribers to opt out of your emails if they wish and the footer of your email is the best place for this. Whilst it can be small to not draw too much attention, it’s best practice to make sure it’s readable. Other elements to include in your email footer are:

  • Business address
  • Social links
  • Link to change email preferences - some subscribers might want to change the frequency of emails received rather than unsubscribing altogether


It’s important that your marketing emails include all 5 elements above in order for your emails to convert. At Jellywall, we offer a fully-managed email marketing solution which includes bespoke email templates for your campaign emails as well as automations. We’ll design, build and write copy for your emails as well as regularly sending email campaigns and managing automations. 


Sounds good? Get in touch with the team today to learn more about our email marketing services.

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