Make 2022 your best Black Friday yet...

Read our tips to make sure that BFCM 2022 is your best one yet!

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September is here which means that Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is quite literally just around the corner. If you want to make sure that this year is your most successful BFCM yet, keep reading for tips!

Make sure your offer or promotion is exciting

Whilst what worked last year is a great place to start, offering your customers the same old promotion year after year can get a little boring! Offering a higher discount than other promotions throughout the year is important, but big discounts aren't the only way to succeed this BFCM. Make sure to keep your offer fresh, this could be a free gift with each purchase or even a charity donation if this is more on brand.

Be open & honest with your messaging

No customer believes that you woke up the morning of Cyber Monday and decided to extend your BFCM promotion. It's important to be clear about your offering from the start. If customers prefer to make a more considered purchase (which will only increase with the cost of living crisis) it's best to let your customers know how long your promotion will last. Make sure to also be open about possible delivery delays if you're expecting a higher order rate than usual, customers won't mind waiting a little longer for their order as long as you let them know before making their purchase.

Make sure your offer or promotion is clear

As well as being honest about your promotion, make sure it's also clear. If the offer is only valid over a certain basket price, make sure this is included on ALL your BFCM marketing messaging. Likewise, if your promotion isn't redeemable on your latest collection or products in your sale already make sure to let your customer know. You don't want to send customers to your site under false pretenses and lose the trust of potential buyers.

Treat your VIPs like VIPs

BFCM is a great time to show you appreciate your most loyal customers. Your VIP segment can be based on customer lifetime value or how many orders have been placed with your brand. You could give your VIPs early access to your BFCM promotion or even give them a completely exclusive offer to make them feel even more important. Either way, it's a chance to remind your most loyal customers why they love and shop with your brand.

Use your customer data

Long gone are the days of sending your BFCM offer to your entire list. As well sending to VIPs, try setting up segments such as 'discount only purchasers' or 'purchased only on BFCM last year'. You can guarantee that these segments of customers will want to hear all about your BFCM promotions. Make sure that you're segmenting based on customer behaviour during BFCM too. If someone has already purchased and redeemed your BFCM offer, avoid clogging up their inbox by sending them every other marketing email you have scheduled.

Be sure to follow our tips for a successful BFCM! And if you feel like having a team of email marketing experts run your email account this BFCM, read more about our 90 Day Email Sales Accelerator here.

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