Klaviyo vs. Privy

Which email & SMS marketing platform is right for your brand?

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Wondering whether Klaviyo or Privy is the right email & SMS marketing platform for your brand? Look no further! Below we compare the two platforms to help make your decision an easier one.

What does Privy do well?

Privy is the email & SMS marketing platform for brands that need to grow their sales instantly, meaning it's a good fit for startup brands. It allows you to grow your list, save abandoned carts and send campaign emails and texts all in one place. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify and is considered the best pop-up or 'display' tool for Shopify users.

With their 'free' and 'starter' plans, most other email & SMS marketing platforms won't compete with Privy when it comes to price, again making it a good fit for brands just getting started.

However, when it comes to choosing an email & SMS marketing platform, more established brands focused on growth should favour value and capabilities over cost alone. That's where Klaviyo comes in...

Benefits of Klaviyo

Industry Experience & Resourcing

As of 2022, over 110k brands use Klaviyo as their email & SMS marketing platform. Since its launch in 2012, Klaviyo has allocated continued resources to improving the platform, including significant product improvements, deliverability, compliance resourcing and infrastructure improvements. Klaviyo has over 1,600 employees with a huge engineering department, over 400 support representatives and CSMs, and over 40 delivery and compliance representatives. Such a huge and skilled workforce ensures no disruption or technical issues occur during peak season.


A major difference between Privy and Klaviyo is the ability to scale. Whilst Privy is good for quick wins, Klaviyo is better suited for long term growth with its ability to increase customer lifetime value.

Unified Customer Data Platform

Wondering how Klaviyo increases customer lifetime value? By storing your customer data in one single platform with Klaviyo, you can create powerful segmentation to deliver purposeful personalisation, sending your customers the right message at the right time.


Whilst Privy only offers 9 integrations, as of today, Klaviyo offers over 250 native integrations. It's likely that your current tech stack will integrate seamlessly with Klaviyo, allowing you to access actionable data in real time improving the customer experience even further.

Higher Conversions

It’s simple. More data = better segmentation = higher conversion.

In conclusion, if you're just starting out and cost is the main deciding factor when it comes to introducing new technologies, then Privy might be a good fit for your brand. However, if you're ready to really scale your business with email marketing, then Klaviyo is the platform for your brand. At Jellywall, Klaviyo is our preferred tool for helping fashion brands grow online with email & SMS marketing. Get in touch today to hear more about our Klaviyo services.

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