Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp

Find out which email platform is right for your brand and what a Mailchimp to Klaviyo migration looks like with Jellywall.

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Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo

Thinking of making the switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo but need a helping hand to get started? Keep reading to find out the differences between the two email marketing platforms, which one is right for your brand at its current stage of growth and what the migration process looks like with Jellywall.

What does Mailchimp do well?

As Klaviyo Gold Partners, there's no doubt that we're huge fans of Klaviyo and its impressive offering here at Jellywall. However, there are other email marketing platforms which are suited to brands at different stages of growth. With its generous free plan, there's no wonder Mailchimp is so popular with smaller brands at the start of their growth journey.

The simplicity of the platform is another reason why start-up brands with small teams are attracted to Mailchimp. With access to various pre-made templates, an easy-to-use email editor and simple automation features, Mailchimp makes email marketing easy.

However, there comes a point in a brand's growth journey when 'simple' is no longer good enough. When you realise there's so much more potential with your email marketing and you need a platform that gives you more. Say hello to Klaviyo!

Benefits of Klaviyo

Over 20k brands have switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and it's no wonder why! With powerful marketing capabilities, there's no doubt that Klaviyo offers a higher ROI. As your business grows, the gap between what you need and what Mailchimp can offer gets bigger. Klaviyo is built to grow with you and if you're ready to really scale your business, there's no better time to make the switch!

Real-time database

Your data, segments and analytics are always up to date to make sure you're using the most accurate data to fuel your growth.

Multi-step forms

Collect email & SMS data from your customers and personalise how you talk to them based on their preference.

Built-in automations

Cart reminders, in-stock alerts, price drop alerts, and more.

Powerful segmentation

Give one-to-one attention without it taking up all your attention.

Predictive analytics

Estimate next order date, churn risk, and lifetime value to generate more revenue from your email marketing.

Performance reports

Track sales. Get insights. Auto-generate weekly reports.

Migrating to Klaviyo with Jellywall

In a matter of weeks, we can have you migrated from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and sending engaging campaigns as well as powerful automated flows. As Klaviyo experts, there's no one better to trust than us to make sure your email marketing account is migrated seamlessly from Mailchimp over to Klaviyo.

Stages of migration:

  1. Integrate your ecommerce platform with Klaviyo
  2. Integrate Mailchimp with Klaviyo
  3. Account health check: check set-up, flows, segments etc.
  4. Design and build bespoke email templates within Klaviyo for flows & campaigns
  5. Design and create pop-up forms to start collecting new data for your Klaviyo account
  6. Warm up your Klaviyo account and start making moves with your email marketing!
  7. Sunset your Mailchimp account

If you're thinking about making the switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, get in touch with the team today to discuss your requirements. There's no better time than now to switch to an email marketing platform built for growth!

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