How healthy is your Klaviyo account?

Learn if your Klaviyo email marketing account is healthy plus get tips on how to improve your deliverability metrics.

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How to monitor your deliverability

Wondering if your Klaviyo email marketing account is healthy? Head to the 'Analytics' tab within your Klaviyo account to monitor your deliverability metrics. Here you will be able to access all of your metric data as well as create custom reports and compare your data to brands just like yours within the benchmark section.

Below are the key deliverability metrics you should be monitoring regularly along with the recommended stats you should be aiming for and a tip to improve each metric.

Open rate: 25% or higher

Tip to improve: A/B test your subject lines

Try adding personalisation with your subscribers first name or an emoji to showcase your brand's personality.

Click rate: 2.5% or higher

Tip to improve: Match your email content to your subject line

If there's no consistency, subscribers are unlikely to click through to your site from your emails and you will lose their trust.

Bounce rate: Less than 0.4%

Tip to improve: Clean your lists regularly and remove soft bounces

Make sure you're sending to real, active & interested subscribers to improve your bounce rate.

Unsubscribe rate: Less than 0.2%

Tip to improve: Refresh your email content

Try A/B testing a new template to make your emails more exciting.

Spam rate: Less than 0.05%

Tip to improve: Always include an unsubscribe link in every email!

Make sure it's easy to unsubscribe or update preferences if subscribers have decided they no longer want to receive your marketing emails.

How to improve key deliverability metrics

If your deliverability metrics aren't in great shape, here are some key tips to improve the overall health of your Klaviyo account. 

Send to engaged subscribers

It's crucial to send to your most engaged subscribers most often. Send your campaign emails to your engaged segment to increase your overall engagement stats and boost your deliverability performance. If you're yet to set up an engaged segment, check out the below criteria to get started.

An engaged email segment should use the following conditions:

  • Someone is within your main list, AND
  • Has Opened Email at least once in the last X days, OR
  • Has Clicked Email at least once in the last X days, OR
  • Was Added to List in the last X days where list equals your main list

How many days will depend on your sending frequency. The more you send, the lower this number should be. 

Send quality content

Make sure you're sending your engaged subscribers relevant and quality content. Try personalising your emails. For example, add the 'first name' dynamic Klaviyo tag to your email content or send your sale campaign emails to discount-only purchasers. Make sure your emails are also optimised for different devices e.g. mobile users or subscribers that use their mobile in dark mode. 

Enable double opt-in

It's important to get potential subscribers to confirm their subscription through a separate email or landing page to officially be added to your email list. This will ensure you don't add any misspelled, fake or spam emails to your list, boosting your deliverability and improving your sender reputation.

Enable global unsubscribes

Make sure to enable global unsubscribes within your Klaviyo account. This will ensure that anyone who unsubscribes from an email will be unsubscribed and suppressed from all lists. 

Clean your lists

It's important to clean your lists regularly (every 3 to 6 months) to make sure you're sending to real, active and interested subscribers. There are two ways you can do this. Firstly, you can manually suppress unengaged subscribers following the below steps:

1. Create an unengaged segment using the below criteria:

  • Someone has received an email at least 10 over all time, AND
  • Has Opened Email zero times in the last X days, AND
  • Has Clicked Email zero in the last X days, AND
  • Person is not suppressed

Again, how many days will depend on your sending frequency.

2. Export this as a CSV file

3. Suppress or delete these profiles pload the CSV file to your suppressed profile

It's best practice to suppress profiles rather than delete them as the data will stay in Klaviyo for your reference but you won't be able to send emails to suppressed profiles protecting your deliverability score.

Secondly, you can reach out to your unengaged subscribers to see if they would like to re-engage with your emails or unsubscribe. Set up a Winback Flow first to tempt subscribers into re-engaging with your brand with a unique discount code. If this doesn't work, set up a Sunset Flow. Send unengaged subscribers a text only email (this is more personal) asking them if like would like to change their email preferences (maybe receive less emails a week) or unsubscribe altogether.

Overall, if you send relevant content to your most engaged subscribers and regularly monitor your email performance, you can positively influence your sender reputation and improve your overall deliverability.

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