Get ready for Black Friday 2022

5 steps to prepare your Klaviyo Email Marketing account ahead of peak period 

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It’s time to start thinking about Black Friday…

Black Friday is just around the corner and if you want to stop relying so heavily on paid ads (and huge customer acquisition costs!) and start focusing on getting more return from your owned channels, then keep reading to find out how to get your Klaviyo account ready for Black Friday. 

1. Decide Your Black Friday Offer

This doesn’t need to be a flat out discount. You could run a 3 for 2 offer, receive a free gift with every purchase promotion or even a donation incentive. There’s plenty of ways to get creative with your Black Friday offer this year!

2. Clean Your List 

Before creating any new segments for Black Friday, you’ll want to clean your list to improve your email deliverability ahead of peak period. So remove any subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked your emails in a long time. 

3. Early Access Signup Form

Gone are the days of sending your Black Friday offer to your entire email list! Start by setting up a ‘Black Friday Early Access’ sign-up form on site to collect the data of those really interested in your Black Friday promotions. 

4. Prepare Your Segments

As well as those signed up for early access, you’ll also want to send to other audiences throughout the peak period. Start creating the below segments:

  • VIPs
  • Engaged customers
  • Purchased on Black Friday last year
  • Discount only purchasers 

5. Get in touch with Jellywall…

Feeling overwhelmed ahead of Black Friday? We’re currently running a 90 Day Email Sales Accelerator. Sign up today to have an experienced team of Klaviyo experts create and send your emails this Black Friday!

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