Email Marketing Automations Every Fashion Brand Needs

Here's 5 email automations you didn't know your fashion brand needed!

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Most brands know of the core automations (flows) needed to get started with email marketing with platforms like Klaviyo e.g. Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart etc. However, there are some key flows that often get forgotten about which are great for building a better relationship with your customers, keeping a healthy email marketing account and (of course!) creating more revenue for your brand. Keep reading to find out the 5 flows you didn't know your fashion brand needed!

Thank You Flow

A Thank You Flow is crucial for growing your brand as it encourages shoppers to turn into repeat buyers. It's a great way to build a strong relationship with new and returning customers. For new customers, welcome them into the family and invite them to sign up to your newsletter or follow your social channels. For returning customers, thank them for being loyal to your brand and remind them of any rewards gained from their purchase if you have a loyalty programme already set up.

Here's some results from our client's Thank You Flow:

Open Rate: 64%

Click Rate: 3.5%

Rev: £2, 147.50

Winback Flow

For customers who have previously engaged with your brand but have not purchased or interacted with your marketing emails for a period of time, a Winback Flow is a chance to try and re-engage those lost customers. You could entice customers back in with a unique discount code or simply show them new products that have been released whilst they've been gone. Remember, it's much easier (and cheaper!) to retain existing customers than acquire new ones.

Here's some results from our client's Winback Flow:

Open Rate: 41%

Click Rate: 11.5%

Rev: £12,300 

Sunset Flow

If your Winback Flow doesn't work, it's time to start prioritising the health of your email marketing account by introducing a Sunset Flow. For customers that have received the Winback Flow but have failed to re-engage with your brand, send them a text only email (this is much more personal) asking them whether they would still like to receive your emails or possibly change their marketing preferences. If they still don't respond, suppress their profiles to ensure you're only sending to engaged customers, you maintain a clean list and to prevent you from harming your deliverability rating.

Birthday or Anniversary Flow

A Birthday or Anniversary Flow is a great way to show your customers you care and appreciate their loyalty. For a Birthday Flow, you could simply send a 'happy birthday' message with a fun GIF inside or offer a unique discount code as a treat. For an Anniversary Flow, it's a good idea to split first time buyers and repeat buyers. For first time buyers, send a friendly message reminding them it's been a whole year since they first engaged with your brand. For your returning customers, try offering a unique discount code as a thank you for their continued loyalty.

Here's some results from our client's Anniversary Flow:

Open Rate: 36%

Click Rate: 5%

Rev: £4,500

Browse Abandonment Flow

Browse Abandonment Flows can often get overlooked with Abandoned Cart Flows. However, a Browse Abandonment Flow is a great way to convert casual shoppers into buyers. Use your Browse Abandonment emails as a friendly reminder (try not to be too salesy!) and provide any helpful information that may help browsers make a purchase.

Here's some results from our client's Browse Abandonment Flow:

Open Rate: 57%

Click Rate: 8%

Rev: £2,900

If you want to incorporate more advanced flows into your email marketing, get in touch with the team today to discuss our Klaviyo packages.

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