Benefits of Email Marketing

Not yet using email in your marketing strategy? Here's 10 reasons why you should.

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Not yet using email marketing?

'Email marketing is dead'... apparently. In fact, email marketing is very much alive and is crucial to your overall marketing strategy. Email is one of the most important channels to connect with your customers directly, in their inbox and at a time that most suits them. We're going to bust the myth by telling you 10 reasons why you should be using email marketing.

10 Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Owned marketing

Unlike paid or earned marketing, owned marketing channels like email allow you to take control of the entire customer experience. You own your email list and the revenue generated from it.

2. Low-cost marketing

Compared to other marketing channels, email is a low-cost marketing channel and usually offers a better ROI.

3. Higher average conversion rates

Email is your direct line of communication with your most engaged and valuable customers. They have subscribed to your newsletter and want to hear what you have to say. Conversion rates are 3x higher on email than on social media.

4. Highly targeted messages

Highly segmented emails drive 3x more revenue per recipient than less targeted messages.

5. Share more content

Email offers another channel to connect with your customers and share more content, helping to improve brand awareness.

6. Uncover more sales

You can utilise A/B testing to see how different elements of your emails influence open rates, click rates, and revenue. Keep doing what works and change what isn't to uncover more sales.

7. Build lasting customer relationships

Improve your customer lifetime value by building long-time customer relationships through a series of nurturing flows.

8. Omnichannel marketing

Integrate your other marketing channels with email marketing to create a very powerful marketing strategy.

9. Save time

Save time with intelligent automated emails. Flows outperform campaign emails with higher conversion rates and revenue per recipient.

10. Most importantly... grow your business

  • Consumers spend 138% more when targeted via email
  • 4% of email marketing traffic will make a purchase
  • 3x higher conversion rates through email
  • Email marketing has an average ROI of 122%

Need help getting started with email? Don't worry! We can take over your email strategy and increase your revenue through email marketing. Get in touch today.

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